HERMES ELEVATOR GROUP is part of an international group of companies with locations in Germany, China and USA. Partner companies in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. HERMES ELEVATOR GROUP offer our customers high-quality products and best services. Due to our international set up we are always close to our valued customers.


Daldoss Elevetronic S.p.A was established in 1970, which was also when the 1000th Microlift was manufactured. The reputation for being a competent, leading-edge manufacturer crossed European borders and the company gradually started exporting overseas: the Italian brand reached Australia, Singapore, the US and South Africa. In the Nineties the company was a pioneer of the concept of quality and was the first Italian lift company to be given the ISO 9001 Quality Certification. The four product ranges that today represent the core of Daldoss’ product offer – Microfreight, the industrial freight lift, Easylife, the compact lift and Level, the residential platform lift – established themselves on the market and joined Microlift. In the years 2000 the production strategy was converted to Lean Manufacturing and the product range was revamped with an extension of the Level and Microfreight ranges and the addition of EasyGo, the new MRL lift. Daldoss is the solution that ensures quality, experience and a highly innovative insight for architects and designers, building professionals, private owners and lift companies.

Located in the North of Italy, on the way to the Austrian border, our factory features a photovoltaic system covering 3500 sq.m., granting an output of 500,000 kWh. Our test tower is 46 mt. tall hosting four shafts, when completed, in 1985, was one of the tallest in Europe.

PT Aina Bendito Dios and PT HERMES Elevator Indonesia  are  exclusive agents of Hermes Elevator GmbH and Daldoss Elevetronic S.p.A, Italy in Indonesia. Our management and the entire workforce are fascinated about elevator technology. Our passion for elevators drives us to the uncompromising perfection of our products. In order to move you reliably, comfortably, energy-saving and with maximum safety. Every employee is focused on our high-quality standards by his own conviction. The performance and longevity of our products is our reference and your success.

We aims to be the builders, developers, building owners, designers and architects’ premier partner by giving them a performance edge and by satisfying their needs over the entire life-cycle of the equipment.

With stand by technicians in Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, Solo, Bali, Makassar, Balikpapan, Kendari and Padang, we are more than ready to serve your needs whether it is a new installation, maintenance service, or modernization.


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