New Concept Home Electrical Appliance In Your House

No matter for indoor or outdoor installation, Hermes Home Lift always need no special well, pit or machine room. What’s more, it requires no big construction. It is just as convenient as any of your electrical appliance at home. It is not restricted by any space. It makes an extremely low expenditure on the maintenance.


The Characteristic of Home Lift

– We neither need the traditional machine room, nor any extra building cost.
– Specially designed rucksack frame to be the home lift with traction ratio 1:1
– VVVF technology drive, home lift special-purpose micro-computer board control
– We adopt slide + roller composite guide shoe.
– The special purpose traction machine rack is fixed in the guide-rail. The construction does not bear the force.
– We apply 220V single phase home lift special host.
– Automatic special door machine, synchronous timing belt transmission, we have passed TUV CE Certification.




Fully Computerized Intellectual Control System

– The highly integrated double 32-digit intellectual and fully computerized control system brings about the more swift lift data processing with the more complete functions as well.
– Multiple characteristic control modes for your choice : fully parallel, fully serial, semi-serial modes.
– It classically combines with the special-purpose fully digitalized vector IP frequency converter. It brings about the extremely smooth and comfortable lift running through the fully closed-loop speed feedback regulation, pre-weighing torque compensation technology.
– Ultra strong breakdown from diagnosis and recording function (can record 249 malfunctions in real-time).



VVVF Variable Frequency Door System

Using advanced frequency doors, the speed of opening/closing door can be adjusted freely. The door system is designed cleverly. It will not has impact on the height of can. The entire system is solid and reliable, making the operation smooth and quiet.


More Options to Display Your Individual Space

Hermes home lift matches with the rich materials and a diversified combination. It shows more of your individual space. Every color and mechanism explain your different opinions towards the classics and aristocracy.


The Human Interface Design

We adopt the touchable operation button with the concise and eye-catching control panel. Each floor has one service button. You feel very free in up and down process.




AINA Home Lift – Technical Specification